Greetings from TrumCor! In our twelfth year of business, TrumCor is setting new standards for quality and innovation as the premiere mute-maker for the world's finest brass players. Renowned soloists and players from the world's greatest orchestras across the globe use TrumCor mutes. Our mutes are a continuation of a fine tradition in mutes for brass instruments first developed by Frank DePolis. DePolis mutes were used by Ted Griffith as models for his eminently successful line of Ted Griffith Mutes. Later, William Cook and Walter Lawson made further improvements with Aulos Mutes, which TrumCor purchased in 1994.

TrumCor mutes are carefully hand-crafted. Our fiber mutes are made with wood and a specially formulated resonant fiber material. Our metal mutes are constructed from selected grades of aluminum and brass. They have been designed to produce a muted tone that is in tune, vibrant, warm and responsive. TrumCor mutes are durable, and their sounds blend well with other instruments. Our varied selection of styles and sizes accommodates almost every model of brass instrument or school of playing. Best of all, these mutes preserve the unique sound quality of each instrument, in all registers and at all dynamics.

If you wish to purchase a TrumCor mute, please select one of the above icons to enter our secure ONLINE STORE, or write, call, fax or e-mail your order directly to us. We process orders promptly, generally within 2-3 business days. Our online store accepts Master Card or Visa.

We are confident that you will find a TrumCor mute to be a valuable tool for many years. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions about TrumCor mutes.

Richard Giangiulio, Owner

Heather Test, General Manager

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TrumCor, Inc.
8176 San Benito Way
Dallas, TX 75218
Phone/fax: 214-321-0606